Again: Cute Kylie Jenner crashes her Motor0 Comments

Posted on 20 Aug 2014 at 7:32am

There’s some kind of time hop strange thing happening to me today. First the news of Emblem3 nakedness was to be written that the same month last year and then I remembered that Kylie Jenner also crashed her car this month last year when I heard that she crashed her new car.
But it was not the same thing repeating in my brain but Kylie really did destroy another new car, Race Rover, given by her dad and mom recently. I was informed by my friends that another driver crushed the back side of her car after he zigzag into her lane. This incident takes the damage of Kylie’s new car to be of thousands dollars.
We accept that Kris and Bruce would also be told the same thing by the destructive driver. But it’s thinkable that whether Kylie has nothing to do with this accident and she drives her car very carefully.

Cute Kylie Jenner crashes her Motor

Cute Kylie Jenner crashes her Motor

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