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Posted on 31 Mar 2011 at 11:55am

Alec Baldwin rarely speaks to the public (unless, of course, it’s to tell us that he’s not running for public office or that his brother Stephen is still safely sanctioned away in California), but late last night, he posted a piece on The Huffington Post called, “Two and a Half Men Is Better Than None.” In it, he tells the “winning” Charlie Sheen to “take a nap. Get a shower…and then beg for your job back. Your fans demand it.” Then, contrary to what Sheen believes, Baldwin explained how actors are never better than the jobs with which they happen to busy themselves. He said, “When executives at studios and networks move up to the highest ranks, they are given a book. The book is called How to Handle Actors. And one principle held dear in that book is that no actor is greater than the show itself when the show is a hit.” It’s actually really nice to hear that other actors are interested in helping Charlie Sheen out because it’s almost like they’re trying to alleviate the average man’s pain. WHICH REALLY ESCALATED WHEN WE LEARNED SHEEN WAS GOING ”ON TOUR.” But nice try, Alec. This is going to be a lot harder than keeping our water clean, though

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