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Posted on 05 Apr 2011 at 11:23am

James Fanco will be on Letterman tonight, and in a preview that’s going around he said he’s aware we believed he was high while he was hosting the Oscars. He accounted for the lack in enthusiasm by saying that even though he loves Anne Hathaway, “she’s so energetic that even the Tasmanian devil would look stoned….” And then he pointed out how it was hypocritical of us (as in you and me) to say that nobody cares about the Oscars, and then once they were over, we (again, being you and me) criticized Franco and the ceremony with more fervor than people who weren’t supposed to have watched or cared. David Letterman was curious as to why Franco even listened what we (you and me, obviously) thought about his performance and when he provided no answer, Letterman reminded us of how he hosted the Oscars in 1995, and said, “It was horrible. Yes, I can’t even remember what it was. I was so bad they talked about shutting down the motion picture industry… I was God awful.” (Which was obviously because he was so stingy with the costume changes!)

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