Angelina Jolie: Film “Unbroken” helps to decrease Violence0 Comments

Posted on 19 Nov 2014 at 6:45am

Angelina Jolie Film Unbroken helps to decrease Violence

Angelina Jolie Film Unbroken helps to decrease Violence

Sydney, Angelina Jolie is the leading and popular film star of Hollywood and she has proved her abilities to perform in the movies. She has prepared her movie, ‘Unbroken’ and its red carpet premiere was conducted in Sydney, Australia. She attended the red carpet premiere of her movie with her husband, Brad Pat.

On the red carpet premiere, she talked with media persons and said that she has prepared this movie, which will be helpful in eradicating the hate and terrorism from the world. She has prepared the movie on the life of an American athlete, who was captured by Japan during the Second World War. In the prison, he got severe punishment and terrorism and after two years, he was released from the prison. In this movie, she showed that how the American athlete received severe punishment in the hands of Japanese forces. Now people are concerned about their future in the environment of terror and hate. Through her movie, she wants to create the sense of humanity, brotherhood and good deeds, which are diminishing from the society.

She said that she made this movie on the life of the American athlete so that people can watch the real life of the so fated American athlete and his surrounding life. She mad this documentary movie on the real life of American athlete, Zamperini and she showed this movie to him on his deathbed in the hospital in the last days of his life on her own laptop. He was happy to see this movie. She also said that whole team worked as a unit in this movie and they became a community while working in the movie. All the people become friends of each other.

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