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Posted on 12 Jun 2013 at 5:21am

The spitted image of Anna Nicole Smith is the actress Agnes Bruckner working in a strip club pole in a new TV the story of which is based on tragic playboy model.

The pinned up mate amusing through posting on a sun lounger and x rated dance is the first trailer for the Anna Nicole Story.

In another scene you will see that the real life character of Agnes is caught by her son while he was having a hot encounter in a lift with women.

The transformation of a pretty but simple Texan girl Vickie Lynn Hogan in to alter ego voluptuous Anna Nicole Smith is shown in this film.

Many aspects of Anna’s life were shown the 60 second clip which included the earlier years of her life as a stripper, the time she spent with Daniel her son and her Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs taken by her.

Anna Nicole Smith Photo

Anna Nicole Smith Photo

The trailer features an unforgettable cover of fame with a single line about this kind of fame, the price of fame?

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