Are Teen Moms On the Rise Thanks To MTV?1 Comment

Posted on 27 Apr 2011 at 11:12am

In the past couple of years MTV has caused quite the controversy with the shows 16 and Pregnant as well as Teen Mom. However as each show’s fame grows it has many wondering are pregnant teens on the rise thanks to these reality TV show?

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The new season of 16 and Pregnant features Jennifer Del Rio and her baby daddy Josh Smith. They are dysfunctional to say the least but that isn’t my point. Josh is now claiming that Jennifer got preggers just so she could go on the show. Who knows if that is actually true or not and that quite frankly isn’t the topic here.

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What is being discussed here, the impact on MTV, if teenagers get pregnant, start. I have known you personally to some of these young mothers with a child,  can a man of courage  is not  given to  sudden  fame, I think the idea of ​​how to get that. Does not always glorify the teen shows, such as a child, these young ladies get in the show, awards are dishonest.

This tablet magazines, these makeovers, performances for the money, instant celeb status is very tempting, and if it shows that the girls are all the products. Maybe all of them, but not quite one of them, it is necessary to obtain all the well-known to be a teenager, I think that a child has an opportunity  to network and tape your story. In this case, many people look for that thanks to reality television, and 15 minutes of fame.

Yes, so, the MTV show aimed at teenage pregnancy, teen motherhood, I think that the effect. Now we are only, perhaps, before we started to do more than they are for walking, to hear more about it, but I do not think that it can be quite. Yes is always an issue, but I show it to that effect. This title is only my two cents on the course. I certainly want to know why you think so I want to collapse!

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