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Posted on 21 Feb 2013 at 8:31am

Drummers are such kind 0f people who has long hair and they also feel sweat and they never shave their hair.


Bar Refaeli is a supermodel who performed on the drums and showed her talent while beating the drum. She is a supermodel belonging to Israel and she played the Italian music in the festival Sanremo 2013. The people there admired her music, which she performed.

She performed the role of drummer and played the music around the kit with her sticks. Her skirt was wide open around her neck. At one point, she leaned forward while playing the music then she gave a full view to the audience and her breast was looking clearly from the shirts in to the brassier.

Rock chick ... Bar Refaeli

Rock chick ... Bar Refaeli

That evening, she performed well and showed her music performance

The beautiful supermodel showed her trick on the drum and performed drumming of her music and got appreciation from the Italian audience who admired her talent.

She performed the drum beating and showed the music talent in her. She was looking stunning beating drums in blue gown and people also liked her performance.

Bar Refaeli bras

Bar Refaeli bras

This model appeared in the ad last time when she was snuggling the face, which she performed during Super Bowl.

Go Daddy is a web hosting firm of US in which she performed for the promo locking her lips. She was dressed in such a dress, which have distinctive gap and her breast was also visible clearly.

Model behaviour ... Bar Refaeli

Model behaviour ... Bar Refaeli

She is so much beautiful and stunning that millions of people wished to be with her and she said that she is away from the opposite sex. She said that she had a sad and serious personality so no one can come close to her and no one hit or make a flirt with her.

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