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Posted on 24 Aug 2011 at 6:03am

For anyone who claims that the actor is Doss good job, he should look at Tom Hardy.

Hench: Tom Hardy shows off his bulky frame during a break from filming the latest Batman film The Dark Knight Rises at The Grove in California

The British actor is clearly faced with exhausting exercise routines to build it into the villain characters.

Showing off their bulging biceps while shopping in LA, it was also at shoulder width and size of breasts that looked horrible.


But the juxtaposition of the pink vest against the tattooed muscles made the 33-year-old seem a little less menacing.


During his visit Grove Mall in sunny California, it seems Tom may look a bit daunting for employees to valet parking.

While the conversation with the actor, security guard hands still stuck in the pockets of a uniformed crew watched with mouth agape.

Incredible Hulk: Actor towers above security guard and parking attendant as he shops at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles

Transformation: Tom looks completely different compared to his nerdy look back in 2003


Londoner, born and raised in Hammersmith, is beefing up to play villain in new Batman movie.

Hardy has the role of Bane, arch nemesis caped crusader in the latest offering from director Christopher Nolan.

Violent look: Tom bulked up for his role as murderer Charles Bronson in 2009

Christian Bale repeated his role as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight is based, which also sees Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard on board ship.

This is not the first time, the BAFTA award winner to manipulate your character role.

Despite starting as a perch in his early career, he infamously put on weight to play the title role of Charles Bronson in 2009.

Hardy piled on 42 pounds to portray the murder of a level, fixation with Hollywood greats Robert De Niro and Russell Crowe, who put on 60 pounds and 63 pounds respectively for Raging Bull and The Labyrinth of lies.



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