Bikini Body of Heather Graham is flawless even at 430 Comments

Posted on 01 Jun 2013 at 5:17am

Incredible body was shown by Heather Graham when she was seen relaxing on the beach with Ken Jeong who was her Co Star in Hangover III on 28th May 2013.

Graham went for a dip in the ocean when she was wearing two pieces red and blue, she looked amazing and one couldn’t believe that she is 43 but the fact is that she really is 43 years old.

Yoga and Pilates has been liked by Graham and we came to know the secret of tip top body that she works out daily, exercise is a must to keep myself fit.

She said while talking to that sometimes when a feeling arises that I am thinking a lot I use to exercise which makes me feel relax.

Earlier I used to eat a lot of sweet, I couldn’t resist whenever I saw sweet but now it’s not like that I control myself and eat what is best for my body.

Below are the pictures of Graham’s unbelievable beach body:

Heather Graham Hot bikini snapshot

Heather Graham Hot bikini snapshot


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