Billy Ray Cyrus Wants Whoopi Goldberg to Star In His Movie0 Comments

Posted on 04 Apr 2011 at 11:06am

The editors of The View keeps Billy Ray Cyrus announced that she would not divorce his wife, and in the episode on Friday, but something much more interesting to cut it. It was revealed that Billy Ray wrote a script called Paris especially for Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, and himself. Cyrus Goldberg said that his goal was for her to direct and star in it, but at first, Goldberg did not seem very interested in that particular type of experience. She said: “There is a lot of things about the film for me these days, because, apparently, is that I’m black. Do not know if you know.” But after Cyrus agreed to direct the film because he was too lazy, Goldberg finally relented “and said ” Let’s play. I get up. Even I’m going to lose some weight. ”

Now, before all worked up, let’s remember what is this: it is only a script by Billy Ray Cyrus. While this in itself seems catastrophic, not terrible. Excuse me. The same script is probably terrible – but this is not. I will not speculate on what Paris would be about, because if it was written for me, would be about an iguana that is mounted tongue of a squirrel. But it was not written for me. It was written by Whoopi Goldberg. But apart from that knowledge, all we have here is that Billy Ray Cyrus used a computer to type up a few hundred pages of something that he thinks it might be fun. Yes … that’s also scary. But we are probably so far from this film that not even worth thinking about. There is nothing about it at, so it’s not even in production yet. No one has bought the rights to it either. I would say that we can start worrying about this movie, when two of the spice girls are pregnant at the same time.

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