Blac Chyna Disses Tyga’s Birthday Ferrari For Kylie Jenner0 Comments

Posted on 11 Aug 2015 at 12:22pm

In fact not every 18-year-old girl gets a Ferrari as a gift for her birthday, however Kylie Jenner is not any 18-year-old. However Tyga’s present amazed her, there was as single person who was not impressed who is Blac Chyna!

She had a wild birthday party and throughout the celebration, she received an amazing gift from her boyfriend. Tyga gave his girlfriend a brand new Ferrari 482 Italia, mind blowing. But Tyga’s ex Black Chyna has dissed the present, as she thinks her new ride is nothing to brag about.

The source mentioned, “Blac Chyna’s not at all amazed along with this Ferrari Tyga reportedly gave his little girlfriend.” He gave the ride to Kylie throughout her party at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood on 9th of August. Whereas most of the onlookers thought the ride was an extravagant present, however Blac remained unimpressed.

The source mentioned, “First, she does not accept that he bought it.” Talking about Tyga’s financial source. “Secondly, it’s a common car, it is not anything special about it.” Whereas the majority of the people might be amazed by any kind of Ferrari, it reportedly takes more than that to amaze her. The sourced mentioned that Blac has “driven lots of sports cars in her birthday,” and while it comes regarding Ferraris, she has been there done that.

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