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By zeeshan
Posted on 13 Apr 2016 at 10:43am

There are reports that Britney ahs started working on a new album and she wants Nicki Minaj to join her for a song. We are providing details about the prospects of the two singers to collaborate in the near future.

According to the news, Britney Spears (34) is working for the sequel of ‘Britney Jean of 2013 and she want to make it a hot one with the collaboration of her friend Nicli Minaj (33). Apart from collaboration in a beautiful new single, it is expected that the two singers will also appear together in a new video also.

A source told us that Britney met with Nicki in order to show her the music tracks and Britney wants Nicki to perform on two or three songs of her new album at this time. Now they are choosing the best one for a single and video and will select the perfect one for mutual performance.

The two are great friends since they tour together in 2011 but we have seen their mutual performance just once when in 2011 Nicki performed with Britney on her dance hit “Til the World Ends”. Now after 2011, it’s the first time that the two star friends are going to perform together which is very good news. We are sure that the upcoming performance of these two beautiful ladies in the future will be a grand one that will be liked by millions.

Britney Spears Collaborating With Nicki Minaj On New Album?

Britney Spears Collaborating With Nicki Minaj On New Album?

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