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Posted on 15 Nov 2014 at 7:27am

Britney Spears became the most-searched actress this year on Google while she’s a famous singer, actress and fashion designer.

According to reports, Google itself published the list of most-searched actresses according to which Britney Spears is at the top even she remained out of showbiz for some time but later she regained her status by coming back strongly. Famous singer, actress and fashion designer Rihanna was 2nd on the list while she was also present on the front page of many magazines. German TV host and model Lena Gercke is at the 3rd position in the list while she’s an able artist.

Shakira is a famous composer, singer, dancer and model who’s also in the list and at the 4th spot on Google among the most-searched celebrities. In this list, the 5th position is taken by Miley Cyrus. All these names were also available on all entertainment websites and magazines which made them present on Google search results.

Britney Spears most searched Celebrity on Google

Britney Spears most searched Celebrity on Google

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