B*Witched at The Big Reunion on ITV20 Comments

Posted on 08 Apr 2013 at 6:48am

The audience liked the brilliant performance of the B*Witched band, which they show while wearing the double denim outfits.

When the Irish band with its four members appeared on the stage, the whole audience raised their shrieks as they wore stunning jeans stuff and the audience gave their acceptance.

Don't look like their dad BWitched

Don't look like their dad BWitched

The girls appeared on the stage wearing jeans, sexy dungarees, bright orange skinny jeans and denim crop-tops. These boyish and baggy style dresses made their looks stunning and sexy.

The singers and the band members are concerned with their fitness levels and they danced in Irish styles and audience also copy their style.

When they started singing the ballad Blame It On The Weatherman in which they showed that the light shower is going to start and they used umbrella. Well done B*Witching.

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