Candice’s Summer Beauty Prep Tips0 Comments

Posted on 14 Jun 2014 at 6:10am

Candice's Summer Beauty Prep Tips

Candice's Summer Beauty Prep Tips

Candice Swanepoel is experienced as bikini-ready at a moment as a model and Victoria’s Secret Angel and it’s unlike to struggle hard to doing less exercise before sun-set, book pedicure appointment and apply fake tan. That’s the reason that we asked the glowing-skin, long-limbed South African to share some advice to become ready at a moment’s notice for summer sunshine. These are here below.
• Very important for her is sun-protection. Her face really burns with sunshine. She wears a very strong sunscreen given by her facialist, either the sun is there or not.
• She has a vanity bag always along with her and packed with all necessary stuff. The things present in this bag include: toner, face wash, sunscreen, moisturizer and bio body oil.
• She uses different conditioning creams and oils on her hair because she’s on the ocean all times. It’s very normal to take brush and other products to beach in Brazil. People even dye their hair. So she takes all her conditioning things to beach in Brazil.
• She takes break from makeup when she’s on holiday. She’d do some mascara and blush when went to see a band or having night out. She tried to make blush etc as minimal as possible.
• Squats are best thing to do. Even 10 make her feel better. It makes you squeeze very hard.

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