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Posted on 22 Jun 2011 at 7:01am

A leading botanist has testified that leaf litter found with Caylee Anthony’s remains indicate her body could have been placed there just two weeks before she was discovered.

Casey Anthony defense team hopes that the claim made ​​by expert Jane Bock leaves help it to convince the jury that the murders of 25 years killed two years old Caylee.

Speaking in court 21st June, Casey is an attorney warned the jury of the accused murderer was in police custody in the weeks before Caylee was discovered in December 2008, so that could be responsible for movingher is whether dumped there just two weeks earlier.

Under cross-examination, Bock admitted there could be remains of two weeks or much longer – but it struck another blow for the defense of the verification letters found in the car Casey did not match those found in the body of Caylee is.

As in previous days in court, Casey looked away as a juror were shown photos of Casey’s skeletal remains.

Prosecutors say Casey killed her daughter and threw the body into the woods near the house months before it was discovered competitive meter reader Ray.

The defense team alleges Caylee accidentally drowned in the Anthonys backyard pool and that Konk moved her body to claim a reward.

If found guilty of first degree murder, 25-year-old Casey Anthony faces a possible death sentence.

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