Celeb Speak: Taylor Momsen Photographs Ghosts0 Comments

Posted on 04 Apr 2011 at 12:04pm

If I had Taylor Momsen to myself for an hour, obviously I’d ask her questions. I’d be interested in whether or not she went to a real high school, where the desks are covered in pictures of Giving Trees and penises or if she was home schooled. I would ask her how many times she wears a pair of tights, because it seems like she gets unnecessarily attached to one pair and just wears it until there are so many holes in it that not even a spider would deem it as a suitable place to sleep. NOT EVEN A SPIDER! What I would not ask her is if she’s ever seen a UFO, because not only is that a question that famous people are programmed to say yes to, but it’s also tremendously unimportant considering how willing she is to talk about how she masturbates.

However, nobody asked whether she had ever seen a ghost (this was probably one of Great Britain and Spain, if I had to guess), and she replied: “I took a picture of a ghost. The photo I took was analyzed by specialists or experts paranormal ghost and they exploded and it hangs in a museum in North Dakota. You do not notice it at first, but there is an imageĀ  something. I do not know if it’s just a reflection or what, but it’s certainly kind of creepy. ”

Now, as we know, North Dakota is ahead of everybody in terms of recognition of exceptional photography ghost, then the credit goes to Momsen to get his work presented in the best place there is. I guess that’s what North Dakota got going for it then? South Dakota January Jones, while North Dakota has Fargo, Taylor Momsen and his photographs ghost? Well, pardon me while I fix my console!

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