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By zeeshan
Posted on 20 Apr 2016 at 7:24am

Justin Bieber is the leading singer and he appeared in social media with dreadlock. He shown his displeasure with the people, as he made different hairstyle but people did not like it. So he used Instagram to slam the people, who hate with his hairstyle. He said that he did not like the people in the video, which is now available at Instagram.

Justin Bieber, 22 has shared his video on Instagram and in his video, it is seemed that he was a surfer dude through his impersonation. In the video, he slammed the people, who hate his new dreadlocks. They can watch the video to find, what he said in the video.

He shared his video on the Instagram and also gave the message by saying that being weird was fun and he did not like such people, who were not weird. Such sharing message hurt various fans, who love him and want to listen him. In the video, he said that Dude they could do anything with their hair or he left their hair just like him. He was mimicking his fan by saying this and he actually wanted to say that he could do anything with his hair and one should not have problem with his hairstyle. He also said that some girls came to him and they said that they loved to him but they did not like his hairstyle.

Justin Bieber Criticize Haters of His ‘Weird’ Dreadlock

Justin Bieber Criticize Haters of His ‘Weird’ Dreadlock

Justin Bieber Criticize Haters of His ‘Weird’ Dreadlock

Justin Bieber Criticize Haters of His ‘Weird’ Dreadlock

It is not matter of worry that people hate his hairstyle, he is still popular among his group but he has some serious competition with other signers like Cruz Beckham, 11, who is the son of the legendary footballer, David Beckham,40 and his mother is the fashion icon, Victoria  Beckham, 42. He has shown his tremendous singing skills in the video, which his father uploaded on Instagram. The proud parents want to bring him in action and he has high hope with his singing and step into the pop world. They want to show his talent with this beautiful video online for the world so that they can see him singing the song.

The people do not think that he can be pushed back and out of the spotlight with this hairstyle. If he keeps changing his look consistently and it was breaking on the internet. If you did not watch this new beautiful look then you should go from here to love with you.


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