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By zeeshan
Posted on 16 May 2016 at 8:13am

The start up of the ‘Quantico’ season finale was started now and Alex and other agents are now going to stop Liam before it was getting late.

The finale of the Quantico season gave us many answers and there are also many questions as the master plan of Liam was revealed while Alex was killed. In this way, this beautiful character had done the ultimate sacrifice and paid the price.

The first few minutes of the season finale revealed that Liam pulled the things and Miranda gave him the job at Quantico. Now Alex had been watching her and he was making plan to fame her. He also watched the apartments of the trainees, when they were at Quantico.

Liam stole the Grand Central blueprints of Simon and he hacked the phone of Alex and broke into the apartment to plant the device there. Then Liam shot Ryan and left him there in the apartment of Alex to die.

More Lies & An ‘I Love You’

When this gang was gathered at Quantico then Ryan and Alex were flirting all the time and they too kept of their hands from each other. In this way, Liam had to ruin and he let it to go the Alex and Ryan did not take a job in DC because he was going to Texas.

Alex was thinking that Ryan was lying to her and he showed that she was sure on him. Ryan also told Alex that he loved her. At the graduation ceremony, Liam told to Alex that he had made plans for her and he was not making joke with him.

Bullet To The Head

Now Liam was making conspiracy and he hinted at Miranda to whom he kept locked in his car. When Liam shot at her at the close range, she was survived luckily. Alex told that Liam was the mastermind of the whole conspiracy.

Then she rushed to his apartment to find her daughter there waiting for her. Then Liam went to the graduation ceremony to bomb it when it was conducted at Quantico. The gang was raced to ensure safety of hundreds of innocent people at Quantico.

Alex and Ryan shared hot kiss before they were splitting to find Liam and Liam took Ryan at the gunpoint. Liam was doing all these things, because he hated with FBI as it was corrupt and he tried to justify his actions. When Alex found Liam, he shot at him and Ryan took some easy shots over him. Simon was also there and he felt it better to disarm the bomb.

Going Down In A Blaze Of Glory

Simon took the bomb and stole the car to take it to the river and he was also there within the car. Then the bomb was exploded and Simon Asher was died there and he died like a hero. Raina, Alex and other crew members were also with him till the very end.

When the funeral of Simon was conducted, then Alex met with Claire Hass as he was involved in the plans of Liam. He also found that Claire did not have any blood pressure corruption and there was no reason for Liam to switch her out. It was found that Claire was the victim and Alex told Claire that she was looking him all the day long.

It was also said that Alex was not able to stay with the FBI but she had many things for her. When this episode was ended, then a man named Matthew Keyes offered a job to Alex with CIA. He played his role in the Henry Czerny movie, Revenge. In the middle of the important conversation, Ryan called Alex and he did not respond to her. Was it mean that he was warning her about Matthew.

Quantico Finale Recap SPOILER Dies In Shocking Sacrifice

Quantico Finale Recap SPOILER Dies In Shocking Sacrifice

‘Quantico’ Finale Recap: [SPOILER] Dies In Shocking Sacrifice

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