Scott Disick Throwing ‘Huge’ Bachelor Party For Rob Kardashian: Will Lamar Odom Go?0 Comments

By safyan
Posted on 15 Apr 2016 at 12:03pm

Scott Disick is planning a bachelor party to his expected brother-in-law and the question is that whether Rob Kardashian will attend this party in Mexico or the Las Vegas.

The engagement of Rob Kardashian (29) and Black Chyna (27) will be celebrated in a nice way. It is evident from a marvelous bachelor party that is expected from Scott Disick (32). But it is not known whether Lamar Odom (36) and Kanye West (38) will also join them.

Rob and Chyna engaged on 4th April after which Rob’s mother and sisters remained silent on social media about their relationship but Scott was the person who publically encouraged them and he has the ideas that everyone should be behind Rob and his decision to start a new life and he also decides to organize a bachelor party for the new couple which is expected to be held at Joe Francis’ Resort in Mexico or in Las Vegas. A source told us that he wants Kanye, Lamar and the closest friends of Rob while one among them is French Montana (31).

We know that Rob is unhappy about the unsupportive behavior of his sisters over his engagement with Blac Chyna. A source told that absence of publicly encouragement by his family has made Rob very disappointed. Especially when he saw that his mom and sisters commented on every other matter at Twitter and Instagram. That was really upsetting fro Rob.

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

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