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Posted on 31 Mar 2011 at 11:35am

Charlie Sheen’s latest webcast is almost in no way similar to his previous three. It’s delivered directly into a camera, and Charlie pays little (if any) attention to the objects that adorn the room he’s sitting in. There’s no complaining about not being paid for drinking what I suspect was Orangina, or how helicopters have “noise attached” to them. Instead, it’s a full-on attack about the people he worked with on Two and a Half Men – Chuck Lorre, CBS’ Les Moonves, and Warner Bros.’ Bruce Rosenbloom, and it appears Charlie considers this webcast to be a State of the Union of sorts, where his message is delivered without being peppered with eerie observations about the invention of telephones (for a change). He calls his dismissal from the show “completely and entirely illegal,” and quotes “the decision to choose an enemy” from somewhere, and then it begins to take the form of what we’ve seen before — when he thanks us for watching by calling us “undigested hummus who trade real-estate for this fire dance.” But before you watch it, here’s an explanation of why Charlie’s so upset that won’t confuse you by referencing a party dip.

Sheen anger over his dismissal is reflected in his lawyer Marty Singer, the work he brought against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre file for the to find cause to put Charlie says from work. Singer has said. “It’s about the enmity between Chuck and Charlie that has gone over the years, this is Chuck conspiring with Warner Bros. to get rid of him].” But since the studio is finished and ready to lead in such a struggle, he publicly Singer is trying to end the firing of Charlie as a means to the network by the audience to hurt against him. Singer also said they believe they have rid of Charlie, because “Chuck Lorre has to make a better offer and stands more on his other show, [The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly] than Two and a Half Men, so he has a As part of this interest shows thrive at the cost of the show [Charlie]. “Warner Bros. attorney, John Spiegel, Singer has responded with:”. It is not about Chuck Lorre It is a serious health problem that rendered not Charlie Sheen on the essential functions of the body must perform. “Whether these Webcasts are a testimony to this statement continues to be discussed.

Now that you have the tools to decipher Charlie’s address, here’s the video. For everything Charlie Sheen

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