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Posted on 08 Dec 2014 at 8:09am

Several Hollywood models including Gabriela Bertante and Scarlet Wilson has been already imported in Tollywood. Christine Miller has lately join their band wagon, who is making her entrance in Telugu with ‘Rendu Rellu Naluge’ (RR4).

Christine Miller has starred in some Hollywood films and she is based in New York. Through the movie ‘Rendu Rellu Naluge’ she is all exited to make her entrance into Telugu film industry, which has been directed and produced by Dharma. Putting to other side her other task in New York, the exited star has lately approached in Hayderabad to sign up the promotional activities of her entrance movie.

‘Rendu Rellu Naluge’ is coming of age drama, which is completely casted in US, Harsha, Mohan, Sirisha, Christine, Ashwin, Deepak and Venkat featured in the leading roles.

Christine is starring the role of a substance addicted (Natasha) that is going into a moral dilemma

“My character has deeply effected in my real life and it was very complicated to dodge Natasha’s character,” In a statement released to media said by the actress. “the film had many layers from comedy to suffering emotion”.

The music was composed by Srekanth Deverajan for the movie while the vocals were rendered by SPB, Usha, Hema Chandra and Revanth.

Christine Miller Debuts in Tollywood with 'Rendu Rellu Naluge'

Christine Miller Debuts in Tollywood with 'Rendu Rellu Naluge'q

For the film cinematographer Srikanth bujamella has handled the camera work. Which was planned to release in the US and select theaters in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Bengaluru. It should be recognized whether the movie will impress the film goers.

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