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Posted on 29 Mar 2011 at 10:35am

People are still criticizing every aspect of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony, and some are even going as far to be disgruntled over the way lines from a handwritten script transformed into the typed text of a screenplay and appeared on-screen while whoever was announcing the nominees for the Best Original Screenplay award. While that particular critique came from a man who has watched every Oscars since 1958, other AVERAGE PEOPLE and SENSIBLE PEOPLE who don’t make their wives sleep downstairs in the basement can’t get behind the duo that was Franco and Hathaway! Do you know why? Because while the two of them managed to be so annoying, they were also EQUALLY annoying, which is really fascinating because they were SO DIFFERENT. Why anyone would think two people as different as they are could come together on behalf of a purpose is about as mystifying as what happened to the Nickelodeon series, “Hey Arnold.” Franco seemed to be having a better time in this picture than he did when he was onstage, and Hathaway was even more excited that the girl who was giving a tour of her potential sorority to her parents and trying to convince them to pay the extra $5,000 for its membership. THEY WERE MISMATCHED, EVERYONE. WHAT THEY WERE WAS CALLED “MISMATCHED.”

But now, reports are circulating that part of the reason why the show sucked was because Hathaway and Franco actually hate each other. Sources say Hathaway “had to provide all the energy — he was just phoning it in” and that “James seemed in his own little world.” Even though both actors’ representatives have come out and denied the claims of their mutual feelings, Franco did skip his own after party in L.A., which someone says was because he was “pissed” with how the show went. So granted, they probably don’t hate each other, but Hathaway’s three trillion costume surely struck the little education enthusiast the wrong way.

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