Donald Trump Says Charlie Sheen Is A Winner0 Comments

Posted on 29 Mar 2011 at 10:58am

In between comparing himself to fighter jets, Charlie Sheen has talked a lot about having all these “friends.” He claims that Mel Gibson called to offer him support in dealing with the morons who don’t really mind Jews too much, otherwise known as us. Sheen has also said that Colin Farrell and Sean Penn have sent him their good wishes as well, and now that we know Charlie Sheen has a room completely dedicated to housing his cigars, it’s pretty obvious that that’s where those last two events took place.

But this morning, we learned that Donald Trump is another person in Sheen’s corner, and it’s because Trump recognizes that recently, Sheen has been doing what Trump has been doing for years, which is lowering the productivity of businessmen everywhere by strategically appearing on morning shows to distract their smart but abused-into-silence housewives from preparing their beloveds’ steak aux poivres on time. In addition to verifying that Sheen is a “winner,” Trump told Access Hollywood a little bit about what he thought Sheen’s future looks like. He said, ”I think what’s going to happen is [Two and a Half Men] is going to end up signing him for a lot more money than he was getting paid in the first place. It’s all about ratings in this crazy business, and if you have ratings, you can be the worst person on earth and they’re still going to sign you. I think Charlie will do very well.” He continued: ”I think it’s very risky [to continue...'Men' without Charlie] and I think with Charlie they’ll do probably better than they ever did before. I would say that probably Charlie will be a big star for a long time to come… I get a great kick out of him… I think he’s doing just fine.”

Man, can you imagine how amazing it would have been if Trump had remembered that he had a show of his own right then?

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