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By zeeshan
Posted on 07 Mar 2016 at 9:35am

Dwayne Johnson will make one of his fan really happy. On Wednesday, the actor and former WWE champion wrote on Instagram about his acceptance of request by 7 year old Gabriel Singleton who wanted to meet his action hero.

On the boy’s facebook page, Dwayne wrote by giving title at a photo collection that he is coming to meet him (Tatar).

Tater is the nick name of Gabriel who is battling cancer for years. He launched a social media campaign in February with assistance from his loved ones in order to get his attention which could persuade him to meet him in hospital.

Dwayne proved more generous and even invited “Tater” to be the ‘special guest’ in Savannah on the set of “Baywatch”. He tweeted to the youngster that everyone on the set is quite excited to meet him.

The original request of Tater also includes an explanation that positive attitude of Dwayne proved inspirational for him during treatment of his severe illness.

He wrote that the baldness of Dwayne gave him hope when he lost his hair. He added that ‘the rock’ is quite powerful but ‘Tater’ is also very powerful because he had to suffer hundreds of needles, 8 surgeries, many chemo treatments, many blood and platelet transfusions, 2 stem cell transplants, scans, tests and radiation therapy.

In reply, Dwayne told that he would not only feel please but also lucky to meet him. He is lot stronger than him and wants to hug him when he got better.

The actor also gave him signature at the end and wrote that ‘Tater’ is far cooler than ‘the rock’.

The production of “Baywatch” is underway and it will release in 2017.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

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