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Posted on 28 Apr 2011 at 10:56am

Emile Hirsch is joining the cast of Oliver Stone‘s new film Savages.

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Hirsch joins a cast that already stars Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson and Benicio del Toro. And as Variety first reported, Blake Lively is at the top of Stone’s list for the female lead.

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Stone Bar and is currently revising the script of Don Winslow and Shane Salerno.

Based on the novel by Winslow story revolves around two pivots Laguna Beach marijuana forced to work for the cartel in Mexico after the girlfriend of their casual office is removed.

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I have not seen Into the Wild Hirche and milk, I think that Speed ​​Racer hurt his career. Fortunately, he is tapped for new projects like this. It’s a really good actor, but he seems like an alternate version of Leonardo DiCaprio to someone else?


Looks like he would not have a career in any case DiCaprio does not come first.

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