Everyone Needs Skills of Kim Kardashian for Happy life0 Comments

Posted on 28 Jul 2014 at 5:39am

Everyone Needs Skills of Kim Kardashian for Happy life

Everyone Needs Skills of Kim Kardashian for Happy life

Kanye West says that they will have the skills of Kim Kardashian to spend the happy life. He has been married with Kim, who is the reality TV star two months ago and before this he dated with her for two years. He said that his life and career is now on the peak. He spoke with the new issue of GQ magazine and he said that he had learnt more from her advice and he did not take care of the advice of other people.

He further added that she had more skills and if you want to win the life then you need some skills of Kim. Both were married in Florence, Italy on May 24 and they invited only their friends & family and he said that Kim was the most important personality there.  He also said that Beyonce and Jay Z have hidden their marriage due to excessive media coverage but it was not problem for Kanye. He said that he has only one important person, Kim to show to the press.

The couple has a 13 months old daughter, North and they believe that their life has been changed so much after the birth of their child. it was also asked that how much changes are brought in their lives after one year. He replied that his life is cool and he is enjoying his life. It is wonderful for him to go home daily and play with his child and at that moment, he looks like a dad.


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