Fan Trolled Rabia Butt as ‘Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie’0 Comments

By amber
Posted on 02 May 2019 at 6:31am


Model Rabia Butt Hit Back At Trolls For Calling Her “Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie”

Rabia Butt is the leading and well known model, who has been working in the fashion industry for last many years. She worked for many brands and she got the appreciation from her fans and the fashion lovers. She has made herself the member of the large number of big brands, creators and promotion shoots. She is also very active on the social media and she has the connection with her fans through social media. She shared her images on the instagram and she got the appreciation from the public on her latest pictures. Fan trolled Rabia Butt as ‘Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie’.

Model Rabia Butt Called ‘Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie’

She has recently shared a picture on the social media and her fans liked her image but one of the fans trolled her with his comments that she is looking like the “Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie” and after that she gave the comments as no one thinks that she does not hit back on the haters. She gave the comment in the local language and shows her unhappiness over such comments from any fan.

She is the celebrity star and she has the furious mind. She realizes how to manage trolling to hit back at the haters. Do the fans like her style of reply. We have seen many celebrity stars, who extremely hit back at trolls to leave the insulting comments. We think it is appropriate to give them the shut up call right away so that they do not have courage to give such insulting comments.

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