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Posted on 17 Aug 2011 at 7:29am

Gwyneth Paltrow graces the cover of the Elle US September 2011 issue wearing the same Louis Vuitton black laser cut leather jacket we saw on Fergie recently.

gwyneth paltrow-elle-september

The rest of the editors, who was shot by Carter Smith sees that she’s wearing Christopher Kane and Tom Ford.

In his interview, says Gwynne show the world a different perspective on themselves, share their personal care arrangements for her advice Beyonce and Gwyneth also makes a unique commentary on her husband Chris Martin, disclosure, why keep their marriage from the center of attention.

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On showing the world a different side: “If you talk with your friends who know me since I was four years, said: “This is she.” I always said, “You’re the dirtiest person in the world, and so funny. Show the world that the party is about you.” I felt circumspect. I felt as if I really showed people more and I was still not accepted, then … who cares. Just remember that no matter what people think about you. ”

He will be public with it custody arrangements: “It’s so much easier to sit at home and not exercise and criticize other people. I like inspiring people. People come to me and said:” I have two kids and wear a swimsuit and not terribly themselves. I see how hard work and it makes me feel like I could do it too. ”

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On the advice of Beyonce’s performance before Cee Lo Green: “Beyoncé is like,” Well. Singing is great. But you have no fun. “She’s like,” Do you remember when we gig Panjabi MC and Jay comes on and you crazy Indian dance? This. Be you! ”

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On the rumors that Chris and split: “Sometimes it’s hard being with someone for a long time. Going through a period which is not all rosy. I always say, life is long and you never know what will happen. If, God forbid, when we to be together, I respect him as the father of my children. like I was a good choice. it’s such a good father. you can never be relaxed or arrogant and thinks, “I have this thing.” it is also a part: keeping the leg. I will not take for granted. ”

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On keeping her marriage private: “He makes music for his fans, and he doesn’t want people to conjure a lame famous couple when they’re getting into his music. I get it.”

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