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Posted on 06 Mar 2014 at 5:42am

Handbag of Katie Price Stolen

Handbag of Katie Price Stolen

Katie Price has said that her handbag has been stolen from her car on the Friday night on Feb 21. The popular fashion model was very furious, when she came and saw that the pane of the window of her car was broken. She was in the night out in Horsham in Sussex and she was also felt sorry for leaving her costly things under her seat.

She wrote on the Twitter that she was in Horsham when someone broke the pane of window of her car and took out the valuable things from her car & took away with him. She has reported the case to the police and hoped that she will get the cream Louis Vuitton bag safely.

She also wrote that if someone found the cream color round barrel Louis Vuitton bag and the black Louis Vuitton card holder in Horsham, it will be her. She also said that there will be various valuable things in her handbag.

Katie herself does not hope that she will not get the handbag back and she should not be have any sympathy from the people, who have done all this. She also wrote that she would not have any sympathy from such people and they will also not leave the handbag back to her seat. Katie has four children, the elder one is Harvey, who is 11 years old, then Junior 8 and Prince with six years, which she got from her previous relationships and now she has a daughter, five months old, Jett from Kieran.



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