Jennifer Aniston Reveals her Secret for Radiant Skin0 Comments

Posted on 09 Jan 2016 at 8:12am

Jennifer Aniston is well known for her wonderful complexion and she has huge number of fans across the world. She revealed her secret for having healthy and glowing skin. She is now 46 years old and she has adopted different wonderful skincare tips but she follows the simple trick to keep her skin healthy and radiant.

Jennifer Aniston Reveals her Secret for Radiant Skin

Jennifer Aniston Reveals her Secret for Radiant Skin

She said that she said this and she take care of her skin by making it hydrated, which is very important and she enjoys sound and deep sleep. She gave an interview to the magazine and revealed this secret.

She revealed that she keeps her skin youthful and beautiful on and off the red carpet as she takes care of her skin and do not expose it to the sun for more time. The people should think as young as they are looking and treat themselves in the right way to feel good and happy. She said that being happy is another key reason to look and feel younger and good.

She adopts the skincare routine and Jennifer admitted that she is trying to follow the healthy diet and also take regular exercise so that they can keep their body in good and healthy shape. They should also maintain it during their festive period. She further said that he tries to maintain healthy regimen including diet and exercise. It is part of her life for many years and it becomes her habit. She said that during the holidays, she wants to have some food but she does not use her food in extra and she can maintain her fitness in January.

She has already performed in the movie, ‘We are the Millers’ and she looks for her exercise routine and she wants to make it mix with other like Power Yoga, elliptical machine, treadmill and training having low weight.

She expressed that it was the exciting year for her as she tied her knot with the fellow actor, Justin Theroux during August. This couple has celebrated their ceremony in the presence of over 70 their closest friends and family members in their home in Bel-Air.

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