Jennifer Aniston Wants to Have Kids0 Comments

Posted on 03 Sep 2014 at 6:54am

Jennifer Aniston Wants to Have Kids

Jennifer Aniston Wants to Have Kids

Jennifer Aniston has lot of pressure to have children. She has been engaged with Justin Theroux for two years. She said that she did not have any kid and she felt herself failed as woman because she is not a mother.  She is the star of ‘We’re The Millers’ and she told to Carson Daly on today show that they did not have the checklist of the things, which they did. If she did not check them then she would fail for some parts of the feminism. It would also damage her identification as women as she failed to give birth to a child.

She said that she has created many things and she has the creative potential and she did not feel it fair to put the pressure on the people. Jennifer was previously married with Brad Pitt and she felt bumping her stomach three times but not to avail. She did not have any regret over it. She further added that she felt three different periods of adolescence and she had the wonderful evolution. She said that she saw all these small lifetimes and all these are wonderful. She said that all of them served me well and she felt grateful to her history and evolution. She is not ready to exchange with anything.

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