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Posted on 30 Sep 2014 at 6:08am


Jennifer Lawrence Revealed Her New Romance

Jennifer Lawrence Revealed Her New Romance

Jennifer Lawrence has new romance with Chris Martin and they are seen with each other. Last night, they were seen in the iHeartRadio Music Festival. It is revealed that they started dating from last June when she got split from Gwyneth Paltrow in March. She was married with him and this marriage was continued for 10 years. When they were seen together, they held hands of each other. They did not separate their hands at the backstage.
It is informed that they were seen together at 7pm on the Friday night and they were found at the backstage in the area, which is reserved for the security and for the selected celebrities. The insider has given the report that she had her hand placed around the neck of Chris Martin there and they were also kissing lovingly.
She is the beauty of the movie, ‘Hunger Games’ and she was pleased with her British rocker when she appeared on the stage at MGM Grand Arena located in Las Vegas. The eyewitness said that she was watching from the backstage and she was very pleased and happy. They have been meeting with each other for last three months and now their relationships are no more secrets and came on the surface. The people knew about her new romance and they spent their weekend with each other. Now they do not try to hide their relationship and their friendship.

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