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Posted on 13 Jun 2013 at 5:38am

There has been an offer from the BBC bosses to the Olympic star Jessica Ennis who is a Gold Medalist for a new series of strictly and it has been accepted by Jessica as an open challenge.

According to Jessica she is a big fan of Strictly and she thinks that Louis (Fellow London Star 2012) did it very well and that is a reason why she follows her footsteps.

Olympic Star Jessica Ennis Photo

Olympic Star Jessica Ennis Photo

Jessica told that she loves to do Strictly but dancing live on the TV is a bit difficult for her as she gets terrified and fears that does not performs well as a result.

According to Jessica she does have a rhythm but doing anything which is very new could become very difficult and challenging tasks as well but I would enjoy that and would love to do that.

Olympic Star Jessica Ennis Picture

Olympic Star Jessica Ennis Picture

The Olympic Star won the hearts of her nation when she won the Gold Medal in Heptathlon during the team GB Super Saturday, who got married to Andy Hill in the last month.

Jessica further added that she does not plan to wants to be in to broadcasting as her British fellow did when she got retirement.

She does not have any other plans besides preparing for the championship which will be held later this year and she will try to defend her title in 2016 Rio.

Olympic Star Jessica Ennis Photo

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