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Posted on 09 Aug 2014 at 6:27am

Jessica Simpson wants to be thinner

Jessica Simpson wants to be thinner

Allegedly, Jessica Simpson is eager to lose her weight. The actress, who lost 50 pounds before marrying this month in California with Eric Johnson, is said to be resolute to stick to her exercise routine and strict diet.

A source close to the actress told that since past many years, the 33-year-old beauty has become the thinnest but still she’s not happy with the situation and wants to lose more weight. The actress has two children with her husband including 13 months old Ace and two-year old daughter Maxwell.

Another insider said that Jessica has developed an addiction for exercise and she wants to achieve 93 pound weight. She constantly runs on a treadmill, walks six miles every day and does strength training thrice in a week. She is so fanatic about exercise that on few occasions, she even fainted.

Recently, the actress admitted that despite having a beautiful life with her family, she doesn’t want more children at all.

She also talked about her new husband and said that he’s so wonderful and she was trying to find someone like him for a long time. She is looking forward to live together and raising their children together. She has just begun the life with Eric.

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