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Posted on 24 Jul 2014 at 5:31am

Justin Bieber has been given the order for their deposition once again. He was ordered to give the answer the questions, which were asked by the lawyers in March and these questions were relating to the lawsuit. As his bodyguard beat a photographer and he was called to give the answers of these questions. He failed to respond to the various queries and judge insisted him to repeat the interrogation process with the same lawyer.

He was asked different question but he denied to give the reply of these question pertaining to his girlfriend. The lawyer of the photographer, Jeffrey Binion insisted that both of them, Justin Bieber and Selena have the relation with the case. It is reported that she was with him at the time of the incident, which was taken place in 2012 against paparazzo.

When the lawyer asked the question about her many times, the 20 years old star burst out and said the he should not ask question about her. The singer said that he was compelled to ask the question. After some time, when he returned, he agreed the lawyer with his surely responses. When he responded with yeah, the lawyer asked that it meant yes. Then he replied that what was the different between yeah and yes. He was unimpressed with this cross-examination.

The star was outside the Miami recording studio and he ordered the bodyguard, Hugo Hesny to stop Binion and took camera from him during last June. It is also said that the court did not give any new date for the new deposition but the next hearing will also be video tapped.

Justin Bieber Deposed again

Justin Bieber Deposed again


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