Justin Bieber Posts Shirtless Photo with Selena Gomez0 Comments

Posted on 13 May 2013 at 11:22am

A photo was pasted by Justin Bieber on his Instagram in which he was using his computer without wearing shirt and Salena Gomez was found clinging to his back.

It was the caption (You have been making music for too long babe come cuddle her) that had the meaning; the picture was not showing much.

Shirtless Justin Beiber with Salena Gomez

Shirtless Justin Beiber with Salena Gomez

It seems that the two star are back together which is every exciting and joyous for their fans.

Justin Bieber has not done this for the first time, he also posted a photo in which he was snuggling with Salena Gomez but deleted that in no time. Should we expect some more pictures like that?


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