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Posted on 01 Jan 2014 at 4:23am

Kate Winslet gave birth to a baby boy recently and now she is passing through the new experience of the motherhood with her baby. Now she is working for the new human right activist organization, Fathers4Justice. This organization has started the tackling of the parenting style in the Christmas ad and she dragged the name into the press. It is also danger for the actress, who has won the Oscar award for the sue.

Kate Winslet has three children and their fathers are also different. She gave an interview to the magazine, Vogue October issue and said that her children do not like to split their times with their fathers or they have 50/50 times. She also said that her children live with her.

The human right activist organization, Fathers4Justice started a campaign with the publishing of the black and white pictures of the actress and showed her quotes that her every child should meet their fathers on this Christmas.

The lawyers of the actress sent the legal notice to the group and said that this ad is published for the defamation and misleading the whole story of the actress. In response to the legal notice, the organization is of the opinion that they are running this ad in their campaign discussing the sensitive issue of about four million children, who will be deprived of their fathers on the Christmas day. But the actress does not like the sharing of the parenting.

It is not the first time issue, which is going on between Kate Winslet and the organization, Fathers4Justice as her first husband, Jim Threapleton raised voice for this organization in 2004. At that time he support for the organization because he did not see his daughter Mia for many month because Winslet was busy in States in the shooting.

Her second husband and director of Hollywood, Sam Mendes, from whom she had a 9 years old son, Joe, said that there is no problems between us so that I can take help from Fathers4Justice. He is supporting the organization, Fathers4Justice but there is no concern between him and his son but the actress did not say anything in this regard.

The holidays are approaching with some problems in the family but Kate Winslet is being used as the new issue in the society. This drama should not be brought back in the people and Kate Winslet should be allowed to live in her own way.

Kate Winslet Takes On Men’s Rights Activists Fathers 4 Justice

Kate Winslet Takes On Men’s Rights Activists Fathers 4 Justice

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