Katie Couric Announces Exit From ‘Evening News,’ Suitors Down To 20 Comments

Posted on 27 Apr 2011 at 9:53am

After almost five years as anchor of CBS Evening News, Katie Couric will be stepping down in June. As expected, she made the announcement this afternoon. And as expected, she made it in a low-key fashion, just briefly acknowledging her pending departure in a statement to People.


“CBS Evening News, I have decided to step down, “Couric said.”  I really, CBS Evening News during the last five years,  and we are  able to  add a report to the  award-winning  work of a talented team I am proud to have 60 minutes, and CBS Video Available. The decision to move on, I know I will be in the hands of the future, but the evening news about the am excited. that, in a format “He said that looking now I do not want to discuss their plans for the future”, but “to me way more than a news-oriented storytelling involved in the decision  to allow its people to declare for the daytime TV output, etc. from hard news to the waiting a clear indication that.

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Couric is expected to announce the next two weeks, or in the future for, as the early frontrunner NBC “fading out,” said a source close to the situation. Telepictures / CNN in a recent photo to leave, ABC and CBS down, who later proposed to cover the 2012 presidential and has been an important  part in the Couric news side, especially in the more profitable will be called to the elections. The drop-down the most revered and powerful syndication  division of  CBS newsmagazine  in a spot, despite the 60 minutes, the officials of the company, ABC TV Guide magazine to expect Couric to go to say is, expectations of the management  started.

NBC’s Today co-anchor for CBS News in 2006 after 15 years since joining as a CBS Evening News Couric, the network evening news broadcast one day to be a solo anchor was the first woman managing editor and anchor. He also, as he, with a new syndicated daytime Talk Show on CBS is expected to be decided if the position has been a 60 Minutes correspondent.

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Couric’s CBS Evening News with the popular public blitz surrounding  the launch, although it is a ratings surge after the first CBS newscast is the fast stuck on the evening news back to the third place, behind the anchor desk. This criticism has scored better. Only last year, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric has won two Emmys News. In addition, Captain Chesley 60 Minutes “Literature” won the Emmy for Sullenberger  interview  with Couric.

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In addition to that sitdown, Couric also made headlines with her 2008 interview with vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In addition to her TV presence, Couric also hosts @katiecouric, a weekly CBS News webcast, and has her own YouTube channel.

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Coming up next week is CBS News’ announcement of Scott Pelley as the new anchor of CBS Evening News.

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