Kelly Brook’s Sexiest Snapshots 20130 Comments

Posted on 21 Mar 2013 at 10:23am

Glamour girl, Kelly Brooke joined panel of ITV2 show.

Now she is going to work in Celebrity juice this night and they will get their new captain.

New Mother, Fearne Cotton has given birth to her son, Rex and before she records her show on ITV2 the previous night, she teased her fans for an hour on twitter that she was feeling juicy.

When Kelly appeared in the movie Keith Lemon the film, Keith Lemon was the host of the show who also signed for  his curvy pal for his show

Show host Keith Lemon has signed up his curvy pal for the show after she appeared in his 2012 movie, Keith Lemon, the Film.

She made various sexy poses for the camera and she recorded some poses in two-piece dress.

Here are some more Sexiest Snapshots of Kelly Brook:

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