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Posted on 09 Apr 2015 at 8:54am

Today Kendall Jenner suffered a little drama while her Twitter account was hacked by somebody named as @ThyClerk.

Earlier then she retake control of her account, ThyClerk managed to dispatch 3 tweets which had her fans in an rampage.

One reference her dad Bruce and the rumored sex change process he is going through.

“My dad got the sex change,now he’s formally a woman, we can finally have lesbian sex #sweg Definite from @ThyClerk and @fuckcynical”

There was as well as tweet that admitted Justin Bieber, alluding to the rumored romance among him and Kendall Jenner.

“Just got done slobbing on @justinbieber’s nob #SloppyToppy #KKK.”

Lastly, the hacker asked people to follow his account, however mentioned a sensitive eating disorder rumor which Kendall Jenner has avoided.

Follow @ThyClerk and @fuckcynical or Kendall will go bulimic again

When the tweets have been erased, there were obviously screenshots of them.

Currently if you try to open the account for @ThyClerk, the system message will appear:

Sorry, that user is suspended.

Later his own identity was unveiled as a teenager from St. Louis when he was “doxed” by @LulzSecUnited.

“Doxing” is the process of unveiling a person’s private details to everyone online. It pass on to different documents attained by means legitimate and illegitimate that gives personal details on the person. Sometimes this may consists of personal financial details and can mess up a person’s life for a while. However sometimes it just disclose a name and address, which can be just as bad, pertaining on how many people will get the target.

Regarding that, the boy’s name, city, Twitter handles and Facebook address were all that were unveiled.

Kendall Jenner Sexy Pose

Kendall Jenner Sexy Pose

Kim Kardashian with Kendall Jenner Not Happy

Kim Kardashian with Kendall Jenner Not Happy

Kendall Jenner Hot Image

Kendall Jenner Hot Image

Kendall Jenner Hot Picture

Kendall Jenner Hot Picture

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