Kerry Katona facing bankruptcy again?0 Comments

Posted on 06 Feb 2014 at 8:24am

Kerry Katona facing bankruptcy again

Kerry Katona facing bankruptcy again

For the third time, Kerry Katona is facing filing for bankruptcy. To rent her mansion – where she lives with fiancé George Kay – the Atomic Kitten star is said to owe 5,000 pound a month. Friends have suggested that the lifestyle she’s trying to enjoy will not be possible now.
An insider told that she lives beyond her means. For her wedding, she’s negotiated a 50,000 pound with a magazine but it’s not possible till summer. On a doomed start-up radio station, she worked and as the second series has new bands, therefore the money from ITV’s ‘The Big Reunion’ has dried up.
Kerry noted she isn’t the only person who has to be careful with their money after Christmas and trying to stay positive.
She’s still hoping to ‘get back on top’ sooner rather than later, while the star admitted she isn’t ‘rolling in it’.
She said that money is tight with every family after Christmas. But whether she’s bankrupt or not, that’s every year.
They all know she’s doing her best to get back on top but she’s not rolling in it.


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