Kim Kardashian Debuts New Single, “JAM”0 Comments

Posted on 29 Mar 2011 at 10:29am

Hey! I got something for you! And it’s not going to be a complete letdown like last month’s Crate & Barrel catalog. No, this is not at all like that because it’s great, and it’s the perfect thing for you to put on when you and your two other female roommates are getting ready to go out and you’re using the knobs on the stove as mirrors to put your makeup on and you want to listen to some music that’s going to help you forget about the Law and Order: SVUmarathon that’s running on USA.


You don’t even need a stereo to play it! (Which is good because you don’t have the time to hook up your stereo and stop using it in the way you have been, which is as a place to put important leasing office documents and that issue of Vogue that has Michelle Obama with her arms and everything on the cover). All you have to do is tell one of your roommates to get their MacBook Pro, put it on top of the refrigerator (where you put the things you don’t want the cats to get into, like that fucking bird toy that’s motion sensitive), and just listen to Kim Kardashian JAM it out. Give the Girl Talk a break.

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