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Posted on 11 Aug 2015 at 12:30pm

Kim Kardashian is among the Hollywood’s best dressed beauty, however currently her pregnant belly is getting bigger, she’s looking forward to wear sexy dresses that are as well comfortable!

What is a girl to do while she cannot put on her amazing wardrobe? Kim Kardashian is 5 months pregnant along with baby number 2, and she is finding it tough and difficult to find “sexy dresses in which she as well feels relaxed,” the sources mentioned. Therefore how is Kim, coping along with her struggle?

The sourced mentioned, “Kim just rejects to give in and the pregnancy deter her from sporting sexy, elegant clothes.” “Unluckily, the bigger she gets the toughest is for her to find, seductive dresses in which she as well feels comfortable in.” If it’s any support, we think Keeks has been appearing wonderful. Unhappily for her, she can just put on one dress for so long. “She tries on 100s of dresses each week, and only while she finds something she likes, she is getting bigger and cannot fit into it.”

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