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Posted on 22 May 2014 at 6:52am

Kim Kardashian Wedding With Kanye on 24 May

Kim Kardashian Wedding With Kanye on 24 May

Kim Kardashian has made a photo of her washboard abs and she has posted the picture on the instagram.

Now she is going to be married with Kanye West and their wedding is taking place on 24 May. She wore the gymwear dress to show her stomach and she has finished her workout in the morning, which she has been mentioned in the photo. The date of the wedding ceremony of Kim and Kanye was known through the official websites.

They got published the invitation cards for their marriage in thick grey color and the letters over the cards embossed in the gold colors, which starts with the words, ‘ The honor of your attending is requested  in the marriage ceremony of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:. It is also added the date, “Saturday, the 24th May 2014”. It carries on that ‘details will be given on arrival. Black tie”.

On the wedding card, the place of the marriage of Kim and Kanye has not been mentioned but simply said that this glamorous party will be celebrated.

They also invited the guest to a dinner before their marriage on 23rd May 2014 on Friday at 6’o clock in the evening in Paris, France. The Cocktail attire.

As the day of the marriage of Kim is coming closer, so she gets busy in giving the details of the third big day of her life. It has also been confirmed that the step father of Kim, Bruce Jenner will also walk down the aisle and he already did this in 2011, when her marriage was taken place with Kris Humphries.

The marriage ceremony of Kim with Kanye will be small and intimated if compared with her second marriage.

A source has told that there are about 100 guests, who are invited in her marriage and these will be her closest friends and family. To invite the guests, the couple had to be choosy and they did not invited the work friends, who are closer or cherished in their marriage.

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