Kirstie Alley Rejects George Lopez’s Apology for Pig Comment0 Comments

Posted on 05 Apr 2011 at 9:44am

When Dancing with the Stars premiered on Tuesday, everything was slightly underwhelming except for Ralph Macchio and Kirstie Alley (Macchio because he turned out to be an even better dancer than we expected, and Alley because she seemed to be enjoying herself). But George Lopez reacted a bit more strongly to Alley than the rest of us did, and during his Wednesday night show, he said Kirstie “did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away. Before the show, she went to the market, and then she had roast beef and this is her going all the way home!” Then, his show took a break and was thrown to a GEICO commercial (the one where the pig is being driven home by his human friend’s mom and is very much enjoying holding his pinwheel out the window). So, point made, yes?

But last night, the departure from the eating disorder that chairmen had run defense finally got to Alley Lopez, and tweeted apology: “.. I underestimated the joke no malice intended and I apologize Kirstie “Alley,  of course, saw the tweet and answered it with, “Do not worry about George’s comments. Just remember what happens to the big bad Wolf drunk … falls into a boiling pot of vodka. Piggy wins. “(confusing, but okay.) Most recently, she tweeted directly to George and said” I do not need or want an apology ur. me dude .. your kidneys  on behalf  of X and all your UV insulted women .. . give back. “(This is how former husband George gave one of her kidneys.) Chances are it will not get it, but at least they can count on Lopez not collecting any auto insurance discounts.

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