Kristen Stewart & Michael Pitt Hang Out Chez Chanel, Look Exceptional0 Comments

Posted on 11 Jul 2013 at 5:00am

Kirstein Steward changed her style and she does not stick to one. One week before, she was dressed in the sweatpants and now shower was used and now she adopts the style of sleeked ponytails and wearing shorts. Now she is working in the show of Chanel couture in Paris and she is also added with badass. She is sitting with Michael Pitt and taking with him but what she is talking, it is not known.

Kristen Stewart & Michael Pitt Wallpaper

Kristen Stewart & Michael Pitt Wallpaper

She also wore the tweed jacket and adds with spiky jean Michel Cazabet heels. She is looking tremendous with fine looking chic accessories and they look very fantastic.

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