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Posted on 20 Nov 2015 at 12:23pm

Tyga will celebrate his 26th birthday on 19th November and Kylie Jenner wants her sister Kendall to join the celebration in order to support her relation. A source told us about how much it is possible to happen.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

It is not a secret that Kendall Jenner (20) dislikes Tyga (26), the boyfriend of her sister Kylie (18). Now, Kylie is pleading her sister to attend Tyga’s 26th birthday on 19th November. While promoting the Forever New fashion line, Kylie went along Kendall and she missed her boyfriend during that occasion. Now for the celebration of his birthday, Kylie is back in time. But there is no excitement from her sister Kendall. Kylie was very happy for attending the birthday party of Tyga and she talked only about Tyga and her love for him but Kendal became annoyed upon that. She annoyed her sister by saying that she may dislike Tyga but how can she harmed her own sister with her attitude. But reports say that annoying Kendall was not the purpose of Kylie but Kylie was really hurt as Kendall was extremely against her relations with Tyga. Kylie wants her sister to support her relationship with Tyga and for this she’s begging her to attend the 26th birthday party of Tyga. But we know that Kendall dislikes Tyga and there are 50/ 50 chances that she might attend his birthday and even if she attends that she will try to remain behind as she’s quite clear in her stance. It is important to know that Kylie is persistently asking her sister to support her love for Tyga and stop this behavior.

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Kylie, Kendall, Chris, Tyga

Kylie, Kendall, Chris, Tyga

Now it seems that Kendall will hate Tyga as much as he increases her love and affection for Kylie. Tyga was expected to propose Kylie on 19th November during his 26th birthday. But now he might not do it on 19th November as he is aware that Kylie is not ready for it due to Kendall’s pressure. It is difficult time for Kylie because Kendall is telling her about her future steps while Tyga is feeling bad about this. We expect Kendall to join Tyga’s birthday party in order to relieve pressure from Kylie who loves both Tyga and her sister.

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