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By zeeshan
Posted on 24 May 2016 at 6:23am

Tyga gifted a $320,000 Ferrari to Kylie Jenner on her 18th birthday and now it seems she is in no mood to send the car back despite their breakup as she has just repainted the expensive car.

But it is only the only shock she gave to Tyga (26) as it is reported that after repainting the car with blue color she debuted this car by dating with her new boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR. You can read the situation of big drama after their breakup here below.

Tyga is still paying the lease of the car he gifted to Kylie but now she showed picture of this car proudly on her Instagram account with a new color which she named “Kylie Blue”. The initial color of the car gifted by Tyga on her birthday in August was white. Later, she painted the car dove-gray and now it’s the second time that she painted the car with sky blue color this time. She really likes this car and it is quite evident with the alteration in paint that she is not thinking at all about returning this car to Tyga.

Adding insult to injury, Kylie took this car with new paint to take his new boyfriend PND on 21st May

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Blue Ferrari on Date is it Tyga’s Gift?

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Blue Ferrari on Date is it Tyga’s Gift?

on a dinner at Connie & Ted’s Oyster bar in West Hollywood. Normally the guy drives during a date but this time Kylie was totally in charge of the car while her new man was happy holding the shotgun that was also gifted by Kylie by Tyga. It was totally against Tyga.

It seems Kylie thinks that there is no problem for Tyga to pay the lease of her car as he has just gifted an expensive handbag to her new girlfriend Demi Rose (21) from south of France recently. It was a very expensive Yves St. Laurent purse that he bought on 20th May which shows that he is still giving expensive presents for her ladies after his separation from Kylie.

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