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Posted on 17 Oct 2015 at 8:59am

On the illness of Lamar Odom, there are positive thoughts all around. Kylie Jenner posted a picture of Lamar Odom on Instagram at this time, when he is still fighting for life. She shared this video and this video has shown the sweet memories, when they were dancing to ‘Stanky Leg’ and she is praying now that she will dance with him once again.

There are many fans and loved ones of Lamar, who are still praying for him. They are sending good vibes and they share their hopeful thoughts for him on the social media. Kylie Jenner sent a picture of her former brother in law picture on instagram on 15 October. She posted this video of the instagram to show that she and Lamar are dancing and laughing. She gave the caption with the video, ‘Stanky leg soon’.

People are also sharing their hopes and they are looking for Lamar to stand up on his feet once again to dance with them. Kylie posted another picture, in which she was dancing with him and then she posted this video.

Lamar fell ill on 13 October, when he was found at Love ranch South in Nevada and he was there unconscious. The incident was reported to the emergency center and a call from 911 was received from Nevada brothel that they found Lamar in unconscious state with the complaint of ‘white stuff coming out of his nose’. He used crack cocaine and he was taken on four day bender, the he was taken to the hospital.

Former NBA star has various strokes in hospital and his various vital organs like kidneys and heart stop working. It is difficult situation, when he is fighting for his life but there are some hopeful signs, when he opened his eyes and held the hand of Kim Kardashian and squeezed them.


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